welcome to craggyland

my name's tilly, i'm a musician, developing dj and urban planner - i'm carving out a corner of cyberspace to write out my thoughts on how these link together. i'm currently undertaking a project about the soundscapes of 'placemaking' in Glasgow, and so i wanted this page to organise my ideas.

i love streets and i love to document them. we need streets to live, streets need us too. through pictures, field recordings, and stories, my goal is to explore Glasgow street by street (& maybe make some music at the same time).

this is alongside my show techture on subcity.org, which explores the links between architecture and music! here, im gonna be writing about different physical streets, their people, and music/sound. i think sound reveals a lot about a place and i want to use it to explore the micro scale of the street, while trying out my creative interests and contributing to the sonic / urban community !

💌 p.s. while you're here check out the webring below 💌